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I am Rafael Delgado López (Rafael L. Delgado for publishment purposes), a reader professor (Profesor Contratado Doctor) at the Applied Mathematics Department, ETSIST, Technical University of Madrid (UPM). I have been post-doct at the Florence Particle Physics and Cosmology Group, INFN-Firenze (2019-20). And at the T30f group, Physik-Department (TUM) (2017-19). I am focused on Effective Field Theories (EFTs), Electroweak Sector and collider (LHC) phenomenology. I have also contributed a lattice-QCD project at TUMQCD, as well as the VBSCan COST Action.

I obtained my PhD in the Complutense University of Madrid, under the direction of Profs. Antonio Dobado and Felipe J. Llanes-Estrada My PhD topic was a phenomenological study of the LHC phenomenology associated with a hypothetical strongly interacting Electroweak Symmetry Breaking Sector (EWSBS). My PhD dissertation can be found in Springer Theses. I have used the tools of effective field theories (at NLO) and dispersion relations (unitarization procedures). For this work, I did things like this.

Besides my research work, I organize a number of scientific disclosure talks and public observation events with telescopes. Mainly, in the Spanish small town of Sigüenza. I also maintain an astrophotography gallery with a number of photographs taken from the central Spanish countryside.

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